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We get it. Life is busy.

Cooking delicious and interesting meals for your family is a nice idea. But the reality is, deciding what to have for dinner every night and shopping for ingredients is a chore. And good food, bought with the best intent, gets wasted at the end of each week.

We deliver easy-to-follow recipes, and the fresh produce, grocery and specialty ingredients you need, so you can skip to the good part - cooking and serving delicious, balanced meals to your family.

No stress. No fuss.


Get Started


Simply take it easy and order your dinner kits online, selecting:

  • From five different menu options each week
  • Family or Couples box
  • How many weekly dinner kit meals you would like delivered
  • subscribe to our weekly deliveries or order as a guest

 How it Works

We'll plan, source, prep and deliver.

We select the freshest, quality ingredients from our trusted suppliers, including the exact amount of specialty sauces, herbs and spices you need. On delivery day you will receive:

  • A chilled cooler box (esky) delivered to your door packed with dry ice to keep it cold for 4 to 6 hours
  • An alert on your mobile phone letting you know your box has arrived
  • An individually-labelled, recycled paper bag containing the ingredients for each dinner kit
  • An easy-to-follow recipe card for each meal

All you need to do is pop the bags in your fridge until dinner time, when you unpack, cook and serve. Or wait a while - every dinner kit has a fridge life of 4-7 days.

Not at home?

Not a problem. Your dinner kits will stay cool in their esky for several hours. Let us know a secure, shaded delivery spot when you place your order.

Reuse or recycle

You can pop your rinsed containers into the Prep’d bag, then straight into the recycling bin. Or reuse them.

Get started

Simply sign up, enter your details and choose from our menu options. It's that easy. You can cancel your membership at any time before 6pm on the Wednesday before the next delivery week. If you prefer, order as a guest to trial our dinner kits before joining.

Still have questions? Check out our FAQs.

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