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Our Food - Healthy Meals Delivered

Prep’d doesn’t just offer convenience.

Not having to decide what’s for dinner, or rush around the supermarket searching for ingredients is great, but we’re about more than that. We’re about delivering fresh, high quality food. Every dinner kit. Every delivery.

Unlike takeaway or instant meals, we believe Prep'd is a healthy lifestyle choice, because we:

  • Source our ingredients from trusted suppliers
  • Use high quality meats and a variety of fresh seasonal produce
  • Balance protein, carbohydrate and vegetable portions
  • Choose real, tasty flavours over instant sauces or sachets

So you can relax, knowing your family is eating well.

We offer interesting, delicious and balanced meals that everyone in your family will love. And we prep as much as we can, to make things easy for you at dinner time.

Food to suit the seasons.

As well as offering five new dinner kit options each week, our menus change with the weather. So you can enjoy hearty stews in winter and refreshing salads in summer.

Relax. It’s (almost) all included.

We provide all the fresh vegetables and herbs, meat and other protein, as well as freshly made sauces, spice mixes, marinades, rubs, fresh pastas, rice and any other sides or specialty ingredients.

You only need to supply the basics:

  • Olive oil
  • Butter
  • Salt and pepper
  • Milk

And if you’re running low, soon you can add some of these items to your delivery when you place your order. Our online shop is opening soon!

Cooking with real, fresh ingredients makes all the difference.

See what’s on our menu and enjoy food that tastes like it should.

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