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Our Story - Prep'd Home Meal Delivery Perth

We are Mr & Mrs Prep’d.

Busy with our young family and professional lives, we found having to organise dinner every night was becoming hard work.

We both used to love cooking and trying out new recipes, but prepping for meals had turned into a chore.

Meal planning, shopping for ingredients and throwing out wasted food each week (purchased with the best intent) was not working for us.


There had to be a better way.

Mr Prep’d thought it would be great if someone else could do the hard part, and deliver an interesting recipe along with the exact quantities of all the ingredients required.

Mrs Prep’d loved the idea. Passionate about real food and home cooking, she wanted an easier way to provide delicious, balanced, family-friendly meals.

Prep’d was the lifestyle we wanted.

After many months of prepping meals for each other at home, developing and testing recipes on family and friends, we knew we were on to something. It meant no more:

  • Stressing about 'what’s for dinner?'' every night
  • Frequent trips to the supermarket for forgotten ingredients
  • Expired jars in the fridge (the recipe only needed a teaspoon!)
  • Poor quality meat from the supermarket
  • Unused Wilted herbs or vegies to throw away at the end of the week

Time for a change at your place?

Maybe you want to ignite your love of cooking. Perhaps create fresh, family meals that everyone will love. Or just make dinner time easier. Whatever your reason, Prep’d could be your lifestyle too.

See what’s on our menu.You can become a Prep’d member or order as a guest. With five delicious choices offered every week, we know you’ll love it as much as we do.

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