Terms and Conditions - Prep’d

Terms & Conditions

General service and delivery

Prep'd is a delivery service of dinner kits. A recipe and all the pre-weighed, packaged, fresh ingredients required to complete it are included in the kit, excluding the milk, oil, butter, and salt and pepper. The recipe included is a suggestion only. Recipes can be adapted by the customer to suit individual tastes or allergies. 

By joining Prep’d, you agree to our terms and conditions.

When you sign up, you control the number and the sizes of dinner kits to be delivered. You agree to have dinner kits delivered, as per your requirements, every week.

You can pause or cancel your deliveries at any time (at no cost) until midday Wednesday, the week prior to delivery week, by emailing hello@prepd.com.au

You can control and change your account and delivery details, and your order requirements at any time by logging in and updating your account.

If you require your account to be cancelled or paused after the weekly cut-off time, please contact us. This may incur a fee.

There are no delivery fees or hidden costs involved with the Prep'd dinner kit orders. You are charged only for the dinner kits you order and are delivered.


There is a minimum spend of $100 on shop items, if not purchased with a dinner kit order. Postage fees may apply.

Personal details

Your personal details are for the use of Prep’d only, and will not be supplied to any external parties.

It is your responsibility to keep your personal and order details up to date and make any changes as necessary through your online account. Changes must be made by 11pm Wednesday, the week prior to next delivery week. Any changes not made by cut-off which affect your order are the responsibility of the account holder. If a box cannot be delivered to you due to incorrect delivery details, the box will still be billed at full cost.


Prep'd dinner kits are delivered as per our delivery schedule. It is your responsibility to provide accurate delivery details and to either be available to accept delivery, or provide an appropriate, safe, cool place for your box to be left. If a box cannot be delivered to you due to incorrect delivery details, the box will still be billed at full cost.

We do not advise leaving your box unrefrigerated for more than 4-5 hours after delivery. You will be advised by text message or photo to your mobile phone when your box has been delivered. Once the box has been delivered to your property it becomes your responsibility, and Prep'd accepts no liability for theft, weather damage, or other damage to your box or contents.

Prep'd reserves the right to update/change the delivery areas and times if required. This will be updated as appropriate in our delivery section, and affected customers will be notified in advance.

Prep'd reserves the right to choose not to deliver our product to a certain area/suburb or customer.

Weather or traffic conditions out of our control may affect delivery times. Our delivery drivers will advise customers when they have left the box.

Prep'd reserves the right to pause orders over seasonal holidays due to product suppliers and delivery closure. Prep'd members will be notified in advance of this closure and may be required to pause their accounts and nominate a date to re-commence orders. This can be completed by logging into your online account.

Dinner kits

Food supplied by Prep'd is fresh and without damage when leaving our commercial kitchen.

It is the customer’s responsibility to check (using the supplied recipe card) and approve the quality and contents of dinner kits on delivery, or as soon as possible on delivery day. Any customers with dinner kits which they deem unsatisfactory must contact Prep'd on the day of delivery. If we agree the contents are incorrect or unsatisfactory, we will provide replacement goods or appropriate reimbursement for that particular dinner kit meal.

Should your order be a gift, the refund will be made to the person who paid for the products.

Prep'd accepts no responsibility or liability for injury or illness believed to be incurred as a result of consuming food we have supplied. Food supplied is recommended to be consumed within 5 days of delivery.

Our recipes are carefully planned and tested but there is no accounting for personal taste. Prep'd takes no responsibility for the customer’s cooking skills, and it is your responsibility to cook the meals safely and appropriately. We value your feedback and welcome your comments via our website.

We endeavour to provide balanced, delicious, family-friendly meals suitable for home cooking. Our idea of a balanced diet is one which includes appropriate portions of protein, carbohydrates and vegetables. We include a mix of vegetarian, meat, chicken, low carb and alternative grain meals. It is the customer’s responsibility to check and adjust the weekly menu choices to suit their family's dietary preferences.

We believe Prep'd is a healthy lifestyle choice, as it allows you to cook meals at home using real, fresh ingredients, and is a better option than takeaway or instant meals. It is the customer's responsibility to replace certain ingredients if they don’t fit in with their dietary preferences.


When you join Prep'd, you agree to provide your credit card details and authorise Prep'd to charge your credit card for the following week’s dinner kit order, every Thursday for the following weeks meals. Your order will continue with charges direct to your credit card unless you pause or cancel your membership by contacting hello@prepd.com.au

You may choose to order a trial box or commit to a set period of deliveries. This can be selected when logging into your account and ordering your dinner kits. We will not take payment or send dinner kits outside of this nominated timeframe.

If credit card payment is unsuccessful and we are unable to contact you for alternative payment, your dinner kit deliveries will be suspended until payment is made.


It is the customer’s responsibility to check that all the ingredients listed on the supplied recipe card are included in their dinner kits in suitable condition.

If you have any concerns with your dinner kit, contact us at the time of delivery, or as soon as possible on the delivery day, and we will endeavour to resolve the issue by replacing the item or issuing a refund for the affected dinner kit meal.

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